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TEHNO ERG Ltd. Plovdiv is a company specialized in construction and reconstruction of enterprises in accordance with EU requirements. The company uses modern technologies and materials for realization of all of its projects.

Our solutions are based on realization of European projects construction and assembly works, construction of enterprises in the food industry, production of heat-insulation rooms and refrigeration chambers, production and installation of metal constructions, non-standard equipment of slaughterhouses.

The firm is registered in Bulgarian Construction Chamber under № 0034 / 04.03.2008y. and meets the First and the Fifth Group of construction categories for high-rise constructions and individual types of constructions and assembly works.



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Our Services

We plan, design and professionally realize your projects.

Manufacture of enterprises in the food industry

Manufacture and installation of metal constructions

Manufacture of galvanized pipelines for carcass meat

Installation of roof and facade thermopanels

Manufacture of heat-insulated rooms and refrigeration chambers

Manufacture of non-standard equipment for slaughterhouses

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Completed projects, satisfied customers and high results
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Our Clients

Our satisfied customers

A lot of companies have convinced in our professionalism, quality and innovations and have accepted us as a reliable partner in the construction industry.
Some of them are:

  • Bakery "Orion", Asenovgrad;
  • Meat company Asenovgrad;
  • "Baikal 1" Ltd, Kurdjali /slaughterhouse/;
  • "Marginale" Ltd, Sofia /meat company/;
  • "Sotir Plod" Ltd, Plovdiv /processing of citrus fruits/;
  • "Karmes" Ltd, Plovdiv /slaughterhouse/;
  • "Galaton" Ltd, Asenovgrad /production of ready-to-use foods/;
  • "Ganchev" Ltd, Asenovgrad /canning plant/;
  • "Rojen 1" Ltd, Plovdiv /grocery trading/;
  • "Globus-Stil" Ltd, Topolovo /clothing company/;
  • Meat company Sadovo
  • "Komso" Ltd, Tsalapitsa /dairy/
  • "Esetra Commers" Ltd, Boliartsi /fish farm/;
  • "PE-EM" Ltd, Senokos /slaughterhouse/;
  • "2 A" Ltd, Plovdiv /grocery trading/;
  • "Tomovi Brothers" Ltd, Popovo /slaughterhouse/;
  • "Ljubeks" Ltd, Asenovgrad /cooking oil bottling plant/;
  • "Stefka Lulcheva" Ltd, Katunitsa;
  • "Koneks Tiva" Ltd, Orizovo /canning plant/;
  • "Chorizo Real Meat" Ltd, Sofia /meat company/;
  • "Bozmov 2" Ltd, Rouse /meat company/;
  • "Fisheri2009" Ltd, Oryahovo /fish farm/;
  • "Adan-N" Ltd, Vidin /meat company/;
  • "FPM Sport" Ltd, Plovdiv /sport equipment/;

Contact Us

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4000, Plovdiv
CEO: eng. Georgi Rabetov
mob.: 0898 72 83 43

Technical manager: Emil Rabetov
mob.: 0898 72 83 30

e-mail: technoerg@abv.bg